What’s at stake.

Why Now?

Democrats want a monopoly on local races.  Democrats are taking over our school boards, city councils, water commissions. They are even targeting down-ballot, partisan races.

 Their goal is to take over as many DA, Constable, and other law enforcement positions as possible. If they are the judge, jury, and executioner when it comes to issues like election fraud and illegal immigration, there is no protection of our election integrity or our local safety.

They were successful in taking over the DA's office in Houston.  Local commissions, councils, and boards control the purse strings and the decisions of the city.

The LEFT is fully engaged!

They are organized.

They are well-funded.

They are motivated.

Here’s their PLAN

George Soros spent $500 milion in Texas alone, just  last year!

WE MUST combat the left by fighting and winning every local down ballot election.  

We start by finding the best candidates. We need to:

Time is of the essence, campaigning for May 2018 elections is starting NOW.  

The Greatest need right now is funding.  Please join with the PAC and help fight for a better future!



Here’s our PLAN

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